By The Grower staff

A single light brown apple moth has been trapped in Oregon, marking the first time the pest has been found in the state.

Officials with the Oregon Department of Agriculture suspect the pest hitchhiked in on nursery stock, since the moth was found in a Polk County nursery, according to a news release.

The find was in one of 1,000 traps that state inspectors had placed around the state to detect any migrants.

No other moths were found in any of the traps.

“Considering we had two traps at the nursery that were checked twice over the summer, catching only one specimen indicates this is not an established population of the moth," Helmuth Rogg, manager of the department's Insect Pest Prevention and Management Program, said in the release.

Although the moth was trapped last summer, the public confirmation was just issued.

Screening and identification of exotic pests can take months once a suspicious sample is collected.

Light brown apple moth, sometimes referred to as LBAM, was first confirmed in the United Staes in 2007 when hundreds were found in California's San Francisco Bay area. It has since spread to several California counties.

The Oregon find also marks the first time the pest has been trapped outside of California, according to the release.

A native of Australia, light brown apple moth larvae can cause serious fruit damage if not managed. The moth itself does not feed on fruit.