When the small hive beetle checks into Clemson University entomologist Mike Hood's apartment-like trap, they don't check out.

The integrated pest management tool, which is deadly to beetles but safe for honeybees, has been dubbed the Hood Beetle Trap.

The small hive beetle is a destructive honeybee pest that can damage the comb, stored honey and pollen.

The Hood trap is a plastic box that has three separate compartments and is designed for honeybee colonies when adult beetles are actively moving inside the colony, generally at 65 degrees Fahreiheit or higher.

One of the favored beetle attractants is cider vinegar, which can be used safely inside the colonies. Food-grade mineral oil also is placed in the trap and disrupts the beetle's ability to escape.

The trap can be attached to the bottom bar of a hive frame or the top of the hive, depending on where beetles are most active.

The hive beetle is an invasive pest from Africa which was first collected in the United States by a Charleston County hobbyist beekeeper in 1996. The beetles are now widespread throughout most of the country.

The trap is distributed and marketed by Brushy Mountain Bee Farm Inc. in Moravian Falls, N.C. For more information, visit http://www.brushymountainbeefarm.com.