The saga surrounding Movento insecticide from Bayer CropScience continues.

The Environmental Protection Agency was supposed to have ruled on Feb. 16 on how it was going to cancel the insecticide. But everything is on hold now until March 9, according to a memo from Kevin Adam, Movento/Ultor product manager.

On Feb. 23, a motions panel for the United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit in New York, said it would hear oral arguments March 9 on Bayer's motion to stay the pending appeal.

The agricultural industry had been working under a court stay dating back to Dec. 23, 2009, until the EPA's ruling.

The EPA was expected to rule that growers would not be able to buy any more Movento but could use up existing stocks.

The actions stem from a lawsuit last year in which the court ruled that the EPA failed to allow comments during one part of the registration process. As a result, the court overturned EPA's registration of spirotetramat, the active ingredient in Movento and Ultor.

The ruling in no way questioned the safety of the product, just the procedural steps that went into registering it.

Bayer appealed the original ruling.