By The Grower staff

Vicky Boyd, editor of The Grower, took first place, farm trade media, in the Fresno County (California) Farm Bureau's 16th annual journalism awards.

Boyd won for her Web-exclusive article, "Grapevine moth discovery prompts shipping, market restrictions," that was published May 28.

The article was a comprehensive report on the discovery of the European grapevine moth in Fresno County, quarantine restrictions and shipping ramifications farmers are facing due to the pest.

Serving as judges were Dan Errotabere, Fresno County Farm Bureau president and a diversified grower; Nat DiBuduo, president of the Fresno-based Allied Grape Growers; and Annette Paxton, former publisher of Agriculture Today from 1982 to 2004.

Boyd says being chosen by leaders in both agriculture and journalism is especially meaningful.

"Our target audience are commercial growers, and to be chosen by people like Dan and Nat really means a lot," she says. "When our intended readers think a subject matter is important, it tells me we're doing our job. And to receive such an honor from the Fresno County Farm Bureau, which represents the largest ag county in the nation, makes this award even more special."

Boyd has been an editor with Vance Publishing, The Grower's parent company, for 14 years.

Receiving first place in the general print media category were June Woods, Tami Jo Nix, Wendy Alexander, Leon Emo, Chuck Doud, Ramona Frances and Mark Zewe of the Madera Tribune for their special section, "Salute to Agriculture."

In the television/radio category, a team from KMPH Fox 26 in Fresno won for their three-part series on "The Human Cost of the Valley's Water Crisis."

The Farm Bureau also honored Liz Hudson, who retired in February as public relations director after 30 years.

She received the "Heavy Puller" award, which hs only been presented two other times.

The awards were presented at the Fresno County Farm Bureau's "Celebrating Friends of Agriculture" event Friday night.