The discovery of a mated female Oriental fruit fly in a trap in a northern Sacramento, Calif., suburb has prompted an eradication campaign.

The treatment involves what's known as the male anhilation technique, according to a news release.

Technicians squirt small globs of a material that contains a fly attractant on trees, light poles and other similar surfaces. The globs also contain a minute amount of pesticide.

Male flies are attracted to the material it and die after consuming it.

The treatment will be conducted over about 12.3 square miles surrounding the trap catch. At the same time, a quarantine restricts the movement of plants and other host materials.

It will continue at two-week intervals for two life cycles of the fly after the last trap catch.

Plants within 200-meters of where the fly was trapped also will be treated with an organic fomulation of the insecticide spinosad.

The fly was detected during routine trapping for exotic pests.