The University of Idaho in Moscow has released three russet potato varieties that are "definite improvements" over current varieties.

  • Classic Russet: a high-yielding, early-maturing russet potato with attractive tubers and outstanding culinary qualities that could replace the Russet Norkotah.
  • Alpine Russet: a late-season russet potato that can be successfully processed out of long-term storage, like Russet Burbank, but that exceeds it in yields and fry quality.
  • Clearwater Russet: a late-maturing russet potato with a high percentage of U.S. No. 1s, resistance to low-temperature sweetening and exceptional processing quality.

    Agronomist Jeff Stark, who coordinates the Tri-State Potato Variety Program, calls the trio of new russets “definite improvements over what’s available.”

    All are joint releases with the U.S. Deaprtment of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service, Oregon State University and Washington State University.

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