Acting Agriculture Secretary Chuck Conner announced that the U.S. Department of Agriculture provided more than $234 million to help market American farm products overseas in the 2007 fiscal year that ended Sept 30.

The allocations were provided under the Market Access Program and Foreign Market Development Program, both administered by USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service.

The MAP uses funds from USDA's Commodity Credit Corporation to share the costs of overseas marketing and promotional activities with U.S. agricultural trade organizations, state regional groups and cooperatives. Activities conducted with MAP funding include market research, consumer promotions for retail products, and seminars to educate overseas customers.

Under the FMD program, USDA establishes a trade promotion partnership with nonprofit U.S. agricultural trade organizations. Funding priority is given to organizations that represent an entire industry or are nationwide in membership and scope.

Program activities focus on reducing market impediments, improving the processing capabilities of importers, modifying restrictive regulatory codes and standards in foreign markets, and identifying new markets or uses for U.S. products.

After final export numbers are tallied, U.S. agricultural exports for fiscal year 2007 are expected to reach $79 billion, making 2007 the fourth year of back-to-back records. Fiscal year 2008 exports are forecast to reach $83.5 billion.

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Market Access Program allocations:

Organization Total FY 2007 Allocation
Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute $5,557,794
American Forest & Paper Association 8,822,028
American Peanut Council 2,309,130
American Seed Trade Association 99,403
American Sheep Industry Association 479,927
American Soybean Association 7,849,268
Blue Diamond Growers/Almond Board of California 2,237,329
Brewers Association 156,697
California Agricultural Export Council/Western Growers Association 981,929
California Asparagus Commission 292,736
California Cherry Advisory Board 459,295
California Cling Peach Board 812,745
California Kiwifruit Commission 176,629
California Pear Advisory Board 280,452
California Pistachio Commission* (first allocation only) 1,003,723
California Prune Board 3,338,691
California Strawberry Commission 903,472
California Table Grape Commission 3,334,372
California Tomato Commission/Florida Tomato Committee 1,492,216
California Tree Fruit Agreement 1,904,697
California Walnut Commission 3,502,195
Catfish Institute 338,357
Cherry Marketing Institute 277,495
Cotton Council International 23,661,572
Cranberry Marketing Committee 1,237,602
Distilled Spirits Council 86,686
Florida Department of Citrus 8,819,854
Food Export USA Northeast 7,032,872
Ginseng Board of Wisconsin 110,663
Hawaii Papaya Industry Association 100,309
Hop Growers of America 99,503
Intertribal Agriculture Council 588,865
Mid-America International Agri-Trade Council 8,431,959
Mohair Council of America 146,630
National Association of State Departments of Agriculture 2,631,337
National Confectioners Association 1,684,263
National Dry Bean Council 1,028,682
National Honey Board 151,339
National Potato Promotion Board (USA Potato Board) 6,042,938
National Renderers Association 673,176
National Sunflower Association 1,028,393
National Watermelon Promotion Board 194,592
New York Wine and Grape Foundation 233,435
Northwest Wine Promotion Coalition 926,534
Organic Trade Association 301,525
Pear Bureau Northwest 3,882,140
Pet Food Institute 1,121,864
Popcorn Board 341,081
Raisin Administrative Committee 3,564,358
Southern United States Trade Association 8,220,415
Sunkist Growers, Inc. 3,499,997
Texas Produce Export Association 162,194
U.S. Apple Association 817,364
U.S. Dairy Export Council 4,051,416
U.S. Grains Council 7,313,245
U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council 96,502
U.S. Livestock Genetics, Inc. 1,115,949
U.S. Meat Export Federation 13,725,552
U.S. Wheat Associates 4,176,296
USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council 919,206
USA Poultry and Egg Export Council 4,444,548
USA Rice Federation/U.S. Rice Producers Association 3,799,107
Washington Apple Commission 5,299,376
Washington State Fruit Commission 791,226
Welch's Food 709,235
Western United States Agricultural Trade Association 11,224,679
Wine Institute 8,450,941
Sub-total $199,550,000
Reserve 450,000
. .
Total $200,000,000
. .
*Due to the dissolution of the California Pistachio Commission, its second allocation of $855,495 has been rescinded. .

Foreign Market Development Program allocations

. 2007
Organization Allocation
American Forest & Paper Association $3,262,482
American Peanut Council 695,048
American Seed Trade Association 205,286
American Sheep Industry Association 144,179
American Soybean Association 7,380,344
Cotton Council International 4,240,737
Leather Industries of America 164,155
Mohair Council of America 20,681
National Hay Association 38,894
National Renderers Association 949,676
National Sunflower Association 271,433
North American Millers Association 37,338
U.S. Dairy Export Council 791,033
U.S. Dry Bean Council 148,256
U.S. Grains Council 4,686,511
U.S. Hide, Skin and Leather Association 113,600
U.S. Livestock Genetics 651,185
U.S. Meat Export Federation 1,686,700
U.S. Wheat Associates 5,683,902
USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council 157,648
USA Poultry and Egg Export Council 1,504,276
USA Rice Federation 1,666,636
. .
Total $34,500,000