One telling statistic about the rise of honeycrisp apples in Washington state is the fact that the honeycrisp now accounts for about 5% of volume now, up from virtually zero in 2001.

On the other hand, the red delicious variety has been going in the opposite direction, with reds accounting for just 27% of the crop now, down from 44% in 2001. Of course, gala variety apples have shown the biggest gain, from 12% in 2011 to 22% in 2013.

As I thought about the popularity of honeycrisp, I wondered if there was any “app” that tracked social media mentions. Of course, all it took to find such an app was to type in “social media mentions tracking” and the result was a website caled Socialmention.

When I plugged honeycrisp into the Socialmention search bar, I find this page of results.

The results showed a 45:1 sentiment in favor of honeycrisp, with a 20% "passion" score and 36% reach.

It would be interesting to gauge this Socialmention site when harvest actually kicks off for the variety and the honeycrisp starts to show up on store shelves. Other social media mention/tracking tools include Google Alerts and Icerocket.

Apple marketers said the last few boxes of Washington honeycrisp sold in June for a jaw-dropping $100+ per carton. That, perhaps more than any score assigned by the Socialmention site, is a true measure of the passion for the variety.

How that passion (and premium price) will persist with ever rising production levels of honeycrisp will be one of the great modern-day case studies in apple marketing.