Those of us in produce know we’re involved in a successful industry, but it’s nice to put numbers on how successful.

How about, while produce accounts for 13% of a retailer’s floor space, it accounts for 29% of its sales. That’s according to the Nielsen Perishables Group, revealed at United Fresh 2014 in Chicago. 

But that’s not all, according to Nielsen:


  •  Total store sales are only about 1%, but fresh produce grew at 7% in sales and 3% in volume;

  •  Seven of the 10 fastest-growing fresh categories are in the produce department;

  •  Value-added and locally grown are two high growth trends; and

  •  100% of households buy fresh produce.


Produce marketers should have their specific product information, but they also should have some broad market perspective on how well fresh produce does compared to other food.

And they should have specific information on consumers beyond just retail scan data.

The Produce Marketing Association plans to offer more consumer data thanks to a new agreement it has with The Hartman Group, which PMA announced after its early June annual meeting. 

PMA says it plans to grow produce consumption through a better understanding of consumer buying behavior.

The first of three reports available to PMA members this summer through The Hartman Group, “Outlook on the Millennial Consumer 2014,” is available at

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