The United Fresh 2013 convention and expo in San Diego shows what United Fresh does best

It brought together about 5,000 attendees to hear about important industry issues in person from association and industry leaders, offered collaboration for more than 200 industry members on various United Fresh committees, honored retail and foodservice contributors and salad bar fundraisers and hosted an expo for doing a little business.

Several attendees mentioned how they appreciated hearing about the latest on immigration, food safety and other issues that affect their businesses without having to travel to the nation’s capital.

On food safety, United Fresh announced a new program called Recall Ready, a fee-based partnership between United Fresh and legal and public relations experts, which prepares member companies for a potential recall.

We’ve seen that product recalls can hit any kind of company, even ones with strong food safety programs.

The expo offers buyers and sellers the chance to talk to packaging and technology companies with a focus on fresh produce.

Next June, United Fresh 2014 joins again with the Food Marketing Institute’s annual expo in Chicago. United Fresh was with FMI last year in Dallas, and it was a less produce-intensive few days compared to San Diego this year.

United Fresh will have to make sure to keep its focus on our industry as it seeks a larger audience with FMI’s members.

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