(Nov. 15, STAFF COLUMN) The U.S. Department of Agriculture stork has left a precious delivery in the form of the new MyPyramid for Moms feature at www.MyPyramid.gov.

The Web site has been serving consumers since April 2005 with personalized recommendations on how much to eat from the various food groups, but it has overlooked the fact that expectant and nursing mothers are eating for more than one person.

The site now addresses the needs of our nation’s youngest and most vulnerable consumers and their moms.

Based on a level of physical activity and pre-pregnancy weight and due date — or current weight, the baby’s birthdate, and the ratio of breast milk to formula being fed — MyPyramid for Moms provides a woman with a customized nutrition guide for each trimester of pregnancy or for her baby’s first or second six months after birth.

The feature also offers advice on weight gain during pregnancy, weight loss during breast-feeding, dietary supplements, special needs and food safety.

MyPyramid for Moms is a welcome addition to the food guide family, making the USDA site relevant to more users. It joins MyPyramid for Kids, introduced in September 2005, and MiPiramide, a Spanish version launched in December 2005.

The new feature will surely increase the importance of, and traffic at, MyPyramid.gov.

Unfortunately, the site’s interactive MyPyramid Tracker, which can assess and record users’ food intake against nutritional guidance for up to a year, doesn’t acknowledge pregnant or nursing moms.

This oversight should be addressed.