How dare Michelle Obama suggest kids need to eat better and exercise more. She needs to get off this “kick” she’s on.

Encourage healthful eating for kids, adults

Chuck Robinson
Media Watch

That is the truth as it falls from the lips of former vice presidential nominee and mother of five Sarah Palin during a radio show interview with Laura Ingraham.

Palin’s point was to attack someone (anyone, but an Obama made it especially tangy) and whine about getting guv-mint off our backs.

In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, the American paean to overeating, Palin served cookies at Plumstead Christian School, 60 miles north of Philadelphia, to protest a pending decision by the Pennsylvania State Board of Education on guidelines restricting sugary foods in schools.

It’s the parents’ decision what kids eat, Palin keeps saying. Sure, but parents can’t be with their kids 24-7, and they need help encouraging their children to eat right.

It’s for the kids

Listen to the military brass in the nonprofit organization Mission: Readiness who in April and again in November reported that a third of potential recruits were too out of shape to join the military.

Thank goodness the Senate passed the $4.5 billion Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act in August. The bill bumps up reimbursements for school lunches and sets nutrition standards for all food sold in schools.

Thank goodness the House wasn’t listening to Palin as it passed the bill Dec. 2.

We need to get the junk food out of there.

Thank goodness, too, that Michelle Obama has jumped into the fray, trying to get kids to exercise more and for all of us to eat more healthfully.

What if she had copied the Bush first ladies in rallying book reading?

I love books, but literacy isn’t the biggest problem facing the country.

Computers and sedentary lifestyles and heaping helpings of Doritos and Ho Hos are taking their toll.

Without your health, you’ve got nothing, as my grandpa used to say.


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