(Feb. 19) The world’s biggest trade show keeps getting bigger.

But, at least this year, bigger did not necessarily equal better for Fruit Logistica exhibitors from the U.S. and other nations in the Americas.

Growth in the event from 1,611 exhibitors to more than 1,867 required organizers to add exhibit hall space. Unfortunately for exhibitors in the Americas section, this meant relocation to Hall 25, on the outskirts of the main action of the other 12 halls in use.

Traffic in the Americas hall was slower than in other halls — understandably so. It was quite a hike to get there from the show entrance. Exhibitors missed out on some of the incidental traffic they enjoyed at previous events. If not for two restaurants being located in Hall 25, traffic would have been reduced even further.

Luckily, Gerald Lamusse, global brand manager for Fruit Logistica, which was Feb. 8-10 in Berlin, gave assurances that next year’s format will be improved.

The grand scale of the Messe Berlin convention center — it has 25 halls — means flexibility for the future. Lamusse said next year’s event will be on one level instead of two and that the exhibit halls will be set up so that foot traffic goes in a circle, ensuring that more halls are seen by each attendee. Additionally, Lamusse said he is considering putting the Americas hall in a section that would effectively be a bridge between two opposite sides of the ring of halls.

This means that the Americas hall would become a convenient short-cut, and it would ensure more incidental traffic. This is a positive idea. After all, most companies come to this show looking for new business, not to maintain existing relationships.

The addition next year of a parallel event, FreshConex, is also noteworthy. The expo, which will be dedicated to value-added and convenience produce items, will be accessible to attendees of Fruit Logistica and will run during the same hours.

In all, Fruit Logistica remains an event to excite and inspire. Next year’s improvements should bring better returns for exhibitors from the Americas.