Some pretty interesting products turn up in the fruit and vegetable world from time to time, ranging from square watermelons to suggestively shaped peppers.

How you like them tom-apples?

Fred Wilkinson
Food for Thought

Though usually not quite that far out, frequent innovation and new varieties always keep the apple category interesting.

Now, out of England, there’s an apple variety available that breaks some new ground: It boasts red flesh.

recent report  in the British newspaper Daily Mail details the development of the redlove apple variety.

Bite into a redlove and you’ll find that its redness is more than just skin deep.

The variety is red to the core, and when sliced looks quite a bit like the lovechild of an apple and a tomato.

The report says the redlove has a sweet, tangy flavor with berry undertones, is richer in antioxidants, resists browning and will become available in British supermarkets within the next few years.

In the U.S., it seems, new apple varieties debut just about every fall, with marketers playing up each of the latest cleverly named, branded offerings.

When — and if — the redlove variety makes it to the North American market at the commercial level is an open question at this point.

But such a unique offering in the apple category would open up some interesting marketing and recipe potentials.

For example, want to bring some new life to a hamburger? Replace that tomato slice with a slice of a redlove apple.

Wedges tossed in a salad would add a surprising sweet crunch, as would diced bits on a taco or even as the base for a sweet pico de gallo.

How about redlove apple bruschetta?

Those are but a handful of fairly obvious ideas.

Hey, the only thing I make for dinner is reservations.

But there are plenty of menu and recipe planning gurus whose work for produce marketing boards could work some magic with the redlove.


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