Tell it to The Packer | Letter to the Editor

Jim Allen
New York Apple Association

I want to personally and publically congratulate Lorelei DiSogra for being named The Packer’s Produce Woman of the Year. Certainly no one deserves this honor more than Lorelei. Known to everyone as just Lorelei, or to some of us as Fresh Produce Pundit, Salad Bar Maid, Fruit and Vegetable Snack Program Promoter, Fresh Sliced Apple Advocate, WIC Wonder and Increased Reimbursement Rate Requester, she seldom flaunts her doctorate degree.

Instead, her experiences, accomplishments, and, most of all, her overwhelming enthusiasm continue to set the gold standard for contributions to the fresh produce industry.

Working with Lorelei is not only an experience; it is an honor. She values her partners and the contributions they make with her on behalf of the industry. She is not only a tremendous advocate for our industry, she is an outstanding teacher, making it easy for us to become involved and support our industry goals.

Today, because of Lorelei and the United Fresh Produce Association, our industry is strong and credible. Our positions are respected and recognized by Washington.

Often I have marveled at the tenacity and the dedication that Lorelei brings to the table, and I am grateful that she represents fresh produce and not the National Twinkie Association! Thank you, Lorelei!