(July 28) Que sabor!

That exclamation — what flavor! — is a good indicator for those wanting to serve the burgeoning Mexican-American population. Good flavor is key to that group, which collectively seems to look beyond cosmetics in search of better taste. Thus, they don’t mind a black banana or dimpled, shriveled jalapeno.

But reaching this group takes more than just good flavor. So much more.

Mexican Americans want recognition. They don’t want to be considered just Hispanic. After all, they comprise nearly 60% of all Hispanics in the U.S.

They want to take their dollars to retailers that will take care of them. Those retailers have some employees who are bilingual and will not fear running special end-aisle displays on Mexican-oriented items. Those retailers occasionally use Spanish signage to get the point across.

Mexican Americans take pride in preparing the traditional family meal, but growing numbers feel it’s a lot of work and indicate a willingness to try convenience products.

Despite the relative rejection of fresh-cut by Mexican Americans — about half never or almost never purchase it — the category is an area with untapped potential. Many produce executives are sure of that. The emergence of fresh pico de gallo and fruit cups loaded with jicama and spice packets are two small signs.

But overall, research from The Packer’s “Fresh Trends Mexican-American Report” shows Mexican Americans want the same things most Americans want: good quality, competitive pricing and convenience.

With every produce company worth its salt prepared to deliver just that, it’s only a matter of time before the market adjusts to better serve this growing ethnic group.