So the Environmental Working Group and similar interests don’t want the Alliance for Food and Farming to receive a government grant to promote conventional produce.

They say the money will “strike a blow to California’s expanding organic produce industry and places the (U.S. Department of Agriculture) in opposition to the public’s interest in reducing pesticide exposure.”

USDA’s fellow big government partner, the Environmental Protection Agency, has said conventionally grown fruits and vegetables consistently fall below dangerous pesticide residue levels and are perfectly safe for consumption.

Nonetheless, EWG and its partners have protested the $180,000 grant using more of its misinformation.

The alliance, made up primarily of conventional produce interests, plans to use the money to raise awareness that conventionally grown produce, which makes up 95% of the market, is safe, and the “Dirty Dozen” is nonsense.

Anti-pesticide groups continue to distort facts to scare consumers into believing conventional produce is unsafe, and only organic is healthy.

Considering many of the alliance members also grow organically, never before has a consumer had more, better quality and lower-priced organic fresh fruit and vegetable options than now.

EPA and the majority of the scientific and dietitian field say conventional produce poses no risk when it is properly washed and eaten. In fact, consumers should do more of it, they say, not less.

EWG has said in the past that it does not mean to scare consumers into avoiding fresh produce altogether, but it appears it’s a means to a pesticide-free end.

EWG and its fellow environmental groups continue to show they’re the ones against consumers’ best interests.