As I write this, I’m putting the finishing touches on the new Produce Retailer magazine, set to premier May 1.

Produce Retailer is coming

Pamela Riemenschneider
Aisle Wandering

What is Produce Retailer?

It’s a response to what we’ve been hearing for years. Produce Merchandising had a great run, but it’s time to suit up and play with the big boys.

We’re coming to market with a heavier focus on senior management and fresh produce executives with content tailored to provide insight into fresh produce retailing trends and best practices.

Each month, we’ll feature an enhanced Category Spotlight from our partner, West Dundee, Ill.-based research firm The Perishables Group.

First up is a feature on berries that delves into the most profitable categories of berries, sales over the past year and trends packaging assortments.

Our cover story talks about getting that “local” angle. Sometimes it means sourcing in your back yard and sometimes it means finding the perfect national partner. Find out how some of the best retailers define local produce.

We’re keeping the best parts of Produce Merchandising, which include our popular 10-Minute Merchandiser series with former retailer Armand Lobato.

Stay tuned to the Web site,, for step-by-step 10-Minute Merchandiser videos and how-to’s, which I think are a great resource for your store-level employees.

But, what about the merchandising photos? Those aren’t going away, are they?

Of course not.

In addition to displaying some of the best work you guys are doing at store-level in the print edition, we’re putting our database to good use on the Web.

Thousands of merchandising photos will be at your disposal in our online merchandising galleries. 

Fresh Ideas also is coming back in print and newsletter format. Do you have a new product or service for retailers? Fresh Ideas is the place for it. Send announcements to

Join the discussion at (launching May 1) and the PR blog to hear what I and other industry experts think about the latest news, price comparisons and a shopper’s eye view.

I’ll also be tapping into my own personal Mommy Mafia network of more than 300 moms to get the “Cart’s Eye View” from primary household shoppers. They’re my own personal focus group, and you’re going to love some of the candid responses I’m getting.

It’s a great time for change, and I hope you’ll come along for the ride.


Looking forward to Produce Retailer? Leave a comment and tell us your opinion.