I’m not much of a gearhead.

Produce: There’s an app for that

Pamela Riemenschneider
Aisle Wandering

I’ve always made do with what I had, despite there being fancy electronic gizmos that promise to make my life easier. Even my cell phone is almost four years old — unheard-of in this day and age, right?

Lately, however, I’m thinking I need to step into the 2010s.

I need a smartphone.

It seems like I see an app for grocery shopping at least once a week, and most of them are supposed to help me save money.

Nearly 40% of consumers reported shopping with a list more often than they did a year ago, according to the Perishables Group, Chicago, in its research for Produce Merchandising’s six-part series “Defining a New Reality.”

New realities

Post-recession consumers are shopping with lists, trading down to private label and changing stores, looking for good deals.

Look for the second part of the series in February’s Produce Merchandising. The Perishables Group has some great analysis of buying trends for shoppers on a budget.

Personally, I’m fitting right in to those demographics. I’ve got a budget, and I’m endeavoring to stick to it.

What I don’t have is a list.

I can’t remember the last time I shopped with a menu and a list and a plan.

That’s why I came home with a hand of bananas, three grapefruit and some hydroponic tomatoes from a trip to the store this morning (I was actually there for sugar for my coffee — which I forgot). All of this looked good and was on sale, but I have no idea what I’m making for dinner tonight.

So, a cursory search for “grocery list apps” gives me the Groceries for iPhone, Grocery Gadget Shopping List, ShopShop Shopping List, Grocery iQ and SplashShopper List Manager.

There also are apps tied to supermarket reward programs and even a new app from the Environmental Working Group to help remind me what’s on their “Dirty Dozen,” the “Clean 15” and everywhere in between.

Who’s out there using these apps already? I want to hear about your experiences.

Maybe you can give me some advice on which ones work best.

For now, though, I’ll stick to my ancient flip phone, a notebook and a pen and the Wednesday sale papers.

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