(July 26) Let’s face it: Certain things are too important to be entrusted to politics.

The food pyramid is — or at least should be — one of them.

After all, the food pyramid influences what the U.S. eats. It’s taught to schoolchildren and posted in schools and other institutions from coast to coast and border to border. The pyramid also guides the nation’s feeding initiatives, from school lunches to the Women, Infants and Children program.

In short, it’s what the federal government recommends we eat.

As the nation has grown obese, the pyramid is under attack. Now the U.S. Department of Agriculture is considering changing it.

That would be a good start.

And it’s clear that produce, with its undeniable health benefits, should become the foundation of the pyramid.

It’s also clear that the government, if it’s truly going to battle the nation’s bulging waistline, will have to put dollars behind spreading the word about eating healthfully.

That’s a wonderful opportunity for the produce industry, in particular, and the food industry, in general. It’s also a heavy responsibility for the government.

Yes, the produce industry stands to make huge monetary gains if the nation’s diet focuses on healthful foods. And the food industry as a whole has the opportunity to let research and science — not political clout and campaign contributions — determine the nation’s dietary guidelines.

Finally, it’s a responsibility that the federal government, regulators and legislators alike, should place above mere politics.

The stakes — the nation’s health — are far too high.