(June 10) The Produce Marketing Association’s annual Fresh Summit convention had gotten away from the popular industry cliché: The only constant is change.

The Oct. 11-15 meeting in New Orleans will, however, have a slightly new look and time frame compared to its conventions of the last couple of years.

PMA made a wise decision to shorten the show by about a half-day after analyzing attendee survey information. Story, Page A10

The expo hall will close at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, earlier than the 4 p.m. of the past few years, and the educational workshops will conclude on Monday, rather than Tuesday as in the past. There will still be three series of workshops. The retail tour will run Tuesday afternoon rather than Wednesday morning.

The changes should relieve some end-of-show exhaustion and help ensure that PMA remains the industry’s No. 1 convention of the year.