(Sept. 29) In a January-though-March survey by Sandelman & Associates, Villa Park, Calif., 63% of fast-food consumers complained that there weren’t enough low-fat, low-calorie menu choices.

More than 40% said they would eat out more often if there were more low-fat options.

A survey by Harris Interactive, Rochester, N.Y., asked in February why people ate out less often. Not surprisingly, more than 60% said they were eating more healthy foods by not eating out.

Fast-food companies know they have to appeal to the demand for healthy food — not unpalatable seaweed burgers, but fresh produce.

Wendy’s International Inc., Dublin, Ohio, recently announced a 420-store test that will allow parents to choose a fresh fruit cup instead of French fries as part of Wendy’s meals for kids. Story, Page A1

The chain won’t charge customers an extra fee for selecting the fruit cup. The suggested price for the fruit cup, also sold a la carte, is $1.39. A marketing campaign will support the option with the theme “Let Kids Be Choosy.”

We agree. Wendy’s should be applauded for helping kids and their parents make the right choice easier.