Don't use drugs: Eat your vegetables!I was looking at a bulletin board full of art from my wife’s first grade class the other day.

Each of the crayon- colored sheets stapled to the bulletin board started with the words “I will not use drugs,” followed with a declaration what the kids would do instead.

While these kids hopefully don’t have a great understanding of what drugs are - a comparison to bad medicine might be the most likely concept they latch on to – they got the value proposition.

“I will not use drugs. I will play with my friends.”

“I will not use drugs. I will play basketball.”

“I will not use drugs. I will eat my vegetables.”

Bingo on the last solemn declaration; Next promotion campaign for the fresh produce industry: Don’t use drugs. Eat your vegetables. Black and white.


Landing in Anaheim today, I was gratified to see the “Going to PMA” discussion thread  has more than 30 comments on the Fresh Produce Industry Discussion Group on LinkedIn. Let’s keep those comments coming during the show, too.

Tomorrow the fun starts.


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