A quick glance around the web late on a sunny but cold day in K.C.....

 Tesco is buddying up to horticultural producers. At least that is the gist of this report on Eurofruit, which relates an appearance by a Tesco exec at the National Farmers Union Conference in the UK pledging a “collaborative producer-group model in fruit and vegetables.”

 Perhaps it is no coincidence that NFU is getting some love from Tesco and other retailers in view of its “Who’s backing British?” campaign.

 The NFU has put out a report card on how retailers are supporting home-grown farmers, and Tesco comes out on top by a comfortable margin.

Check out the scores here.

It seems that UK farmers have a little more of an “edge” to them when it comes to their relationships with retailers. What U.S. producer group/association would have the gumption to “grade” retailers? It might be fun.

The LinkedIn Fresh Produce Industry Discussion Group has 9,570 members...just sayin

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My mom was amused by the Feb. 24 Packer editorial page pull quote next to my picture and the Fresh Talk blog link. “Who should be on the Mt. Rushmore of the produce industry? I mean, really, who are the other three?”