National Editor Tom Karst
National Editor Tom Karst

It is a simple question: Has the Produce Traceability Initiative been a success? Why or why not?

The topic is timely for me since I've been talking to folks and putting together some coverage on the PTI this week. I'm curious what the "man on the street" view is of PTI. What has been accomplished so far and what more needs to be done?

Check out the PTI poll and discussion on the Fresh Produce Industry Discussion Group here.

Also, all who are going to Fruit Logistica keep us posted on what you see here.

I see several dozen have signed up for The Packer's Market social site in just a couple of days. I think it will a lively place in no time, and I've been doing a series of blog posts on my most relied upon web tools. Join here.

Scanning the web this morning, I see the U.S. pears have been approved for export to China. Look for follow up coverage from The Packer today.


The USDA's recent food price outlook updated inflation forecasts for food groups. From the report:

Fresh fruit prices increased 2.6 percent in December, and the fresh fruit index is up 5.5 percent from last year at this time, with apple prices up 13.3 percent, banana prices unchanged from the previous year, citrus fruit prices up 3.2 percent, and other fresh fruit prices up 5.7 percent. The fresh vegetable index increased 1.5 percent in December. Since last year at this time, fresh vegetable prices are down 1.2 percent, with potato prices down 7.4 percent, lettuce prices down 3.2 percent, tomato prices up 4.8 percent, and other fresh vegetable prices down 0.7 percent. Unseasonably warm weather and favorable growing conditions in 2012 resulted in prices and output for many vegetable crops that are in sharp contrast with prices and output for 2011.


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