Just the other day my young adult daughter Betsy was talking about a “de-tox” diet, and I have a feeling that she isn’t the only American who has turned his or her thoughts toward a wholesome diet, a “new me” New Year’s resolution.

Then, just this morning, I see a red-lettered link on the Drudge Report that said “Organic food shortages reported.” The story, posted on MyFoxNY.com had an even more dramatic headline, “Organic food shortage hits U.S..”

The story said some major grocery chains are reporting shortages of organic and cage free eggs, and quoted Jon Steffy of Four Seasons Produce and the blog Organicproducegeek.com about the state of organic produce demand.

Steffy - I called him this afternoon but didn’t reach him - said that demand for organic produce is heightened with the spate of New Year’s resolutions and the urge to adopt healthy diets. Organic cucumbers are in particularly short supply, he said.

I made a few calls today about organic produce demand and did gather a few comments about strong organic produce demand early this year. Watch for coverage on the organic produce market tomorrow.

A quick check on the organic tree fruit market shows that the average price per carton for organic apples was $38 per carton in mid-January this year, up from an average of just $31 per carton last year at the same time. At least for apple marketers, the organic market is heating up.

What do readers think about the state of organic demand? Did the MyFoxNY story go too far? How “hot” is organic produce right now?