National Editor Tom Karst
National Editor Tom Karst

I'm ambivalent about the KU basketball win tonight, especially after my K-State Wildcats bowed out on Saturday. Uggh.. March sadness.

11:10 p.m. Checked in tonight at the Fresh Produce Industry Discussion Group. Status: 3,714 members. More voting in the group on these two questions..

Should the cantaloupe industry open their food safety meetings to the public and the press?


Should the FDA require retail labeling of genetically modified fruits and vegetables?


Somewhat surprisingly, the majority are saying yes to both questions now...


11:18 p.m. Fresh Talk headline of the day. East L.A. corner markets get free makeovers as part of public health campaign

Latino corner markets emphasize fresh produce and other healthy choices...

11:24 p.m. Europe may be as broke as we are, but it is good to see that the EU is distributing 90 million Euros for the School Fruit Scheme for 2012-13. This is the fourth year of the program, with more than 8 million children served by the program last year.

11:31 p.m. When will the Federal Register release the produce safety rules? And why has it taken so long for the OMB to release the rules for publication? That topic is the subject of much speculation, since the release of the proposed regulations has been expected since the beginning of the year. One Washington source wondered if it might have to do with the cost/benefit analysis. Trying to put a dollar value on these proposed rules - particularly as they might impact low-risk commodities - may be challenging to close out.


11:33 p.m. OSHA and IFCO and fresh produce delivery in the Bronx

11:36 p.m. Check out the ARS report on the downside of snacking.Fresh off the NCAA tourney snackfest at my house, the USDA says we are loading up on empty calories:

The average intake of empty calories for men aged 20 and older surveyed was 923 calories per day. So men, on average, are consuming two to three times their limit in the solid fats and added sugars category. For women aged 20 and older, the average intake of empty calories was 624 calories per day. So women, on average, are consuming almost two to four times their limit in that category.

11:40 p.m. Preview of the Federal Register. Nothing of great interest in the Monday editiion..

11:42 p.m. Indiana's new legislation giving police power over refrigerated food shipments has some concerned. More coverage on this issue later this week.