National Editor Tom Karst
National Editor Tom Karst

One of the esteemed members of the Fresh Produce Industry Discussion Group suggested a question for the group and I recently posted it. Starting with the “booth babe” discussion, topics of gender roles in the produce industry (i.e., men vs. women as a target for produce marketers)  seemed to have struck a nerve, and the new questions follows in that realm.

What would be different if women were in the majority of influential, decision-making management positions at major growers and grocers?

How would it affect management/performance, if at all?


 So far, just a few responses. One man wrote this:

If there was any market advantage in it, I think it would be obvious by now. In any case, women don't move as far in business as men because they invest the years men spend making a track record and gaining experience doing something much more valuable: raising children. This is a question kind of like: If a frog had wings . . . .


 Is that remark spot-on, or is there more to the issue? Chime in, men and women.


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