This past weekend, we celebrated my mom’s 80th birthday with a gathering in Kansas City. In a "This is your life" slide show, a picture showed mom with her siblings and parents standing next to a 1920s era Ford (I presume it was a ubiquitous Ford, at least). My brother remarked that it was hard to believe mom lived way back then, when cars were at their most basic and unrefined.

Here we are in 2013, when drivers can speak commands to their car and computer-driven cars a certainty on the not-too-distant horizon.

As we consider the ten candidates for the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award for 2014, we wonder how today’s entries will stand the test of time. What will produce traders of 2080 think of today’s innovations? Hopelessly dated or ideas that were ahead of their time?

Check out the list up for the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2014 announced by Messe Berlin and Fruchthandel Magazine and chosen by a “jury of experts” from production and quality management, wholesale, retail, packaging and services.

1. Aureli Mario, Italy: “Vegetable Crumbs” for breaded vegetables

2. Azienda Agricola Campobasso Marco, Italy: “Fette di Sole” – snacks made from dried orange slices

3. BrimaPack B.V., Netherlands: “Extended shelf life packaging for Broccoli”

4. Eisberg Group, Switzerland: “BBQ Grill Mix” – a new convenience product for barbecue enthusiasts

5. Home Harvest Salads Ltd, UK: “Oriental Mixed Living Salad” – freshly harvested at home

6. Ifco Systems GmbH, Germany: “Folding reusable plastic containers for bananas” – designed for the global banana trade, from the field to the supermarket shelf

7. Internationale Fruchtimport Gesellschaft Weichert, Germany: “Uurú, the original banana” – organically-grown bananas from Ecuador with intense, exotic flavour

8. Tokita Seed, Japan: “Fioretto”– long-stem cauliflower with small heads

9. Verpackungszentrum Graz, Austria: “Compostable packaging nets from beechwood cellulose” – sustainable production, eco-friendly composting

10. ZTI Mechatronics BV, Netherlands: “Grape destemming machine” – to separate the fruit from the vine

 These ten products will be will be presented at FRUIT LOGISTICA, Feb. 5-7 next year. The winners will be chosen by Fruit Logistica trade visitors, according to a release from Fruit Logistic organizers.

 Taking a quick look at the list, I like the new organic banana variety, the grape destemming machine and the home harvest salad. How do you see these innovations candidates for staying power?