Among the potential sources to glean food trends, self-reported food diaries may not necessarily rank at the top of the list.

Still, it is worth noting that the folks at MyFitnessPal app have collected data on what food trends were “in” in 2014 based on what users of their app logged on their smart phones. From a release from MyFitnessPal:


FOOD (based on percentage of overall food entries logged Jan-Nov of 2013 vs. 2014)

1. Brussels sprouts up 224%

2. Matcha up 66%

3. Chia seeds up 52%

4. Kale up 50%

5. Kombucha up 38%

6. Quinoa up 30%

7. Coconut water up 17%


The folks that use the MyFitnessPal app are exercising and eating healthy, no doubt.

Or perhaps they pass on logging the times when they order the McRib and large fries from McDonald’s. They forget to mention when they binge watch Netflix for three straight evenings.

Those people that have the discipline to exercise and eat right merit our envy. Then again, they just may not share on Facebook the mornings when they have three glazed donuts.

Among the fitness obsessed, various teas, chia seeds, quinoa and coconut water were big hits. And related to fresh produce, brussels sprouts and kale were no slouches in 2014. That’s saying something.