It turns out that I am not the only person who thinks the 10,000-member strong Fresh Produce Industry Discussion Group is kind of a big deal.

 For evidence of this, check out a new e-book offer from DMA Solutions on called “The LinkedIn Guide for Fresh Produce Professionals.”

 The easy-to-digest e-book gives great all-around advice on how to build a profile, create a personal brand, construct an effective company page and “more.”  Also very handy is the LinkedIn FAQ section which summarizes the e-books conclusions and action points. Very strong content, in my opinion.

Of particular interest to me, the document also lists DMA’s top recommended LinkedIn groups in the fresh produce industry.

From that section, these words from the DMA document:

Joining a LinkedIn group is an important part of establishing authority on this social media network. There are groups out there on any subject you can think of for any number of professions, so the opportunities to get plugged in are abundant. But, don’t feel limited to joining employee or alumni groups. Try expanding your network through groups in your industry that will help you grow and learn, and also joining groups that can inspire you in your current role in the product industry.

Here are 10 groups that we recommend fresh produce marketers join on LinkedIn. Not a marketer? Don’t worry – there are plenty of group out there for discussions on research, agriculture, sustainability, food safety, sales, and product development!


• Fresh Produce Industry Discussion

• United Fresh Produce Association

• Fresh Produce Talent Recruitment

• Women in Produce

• Food Marketing Network

• Social Media Marketing

• B2B Marketing

• Sales Best Practices

• Digital Marketing

• eMarketing Association Network


Don’t see a LinkedIn group out there already on the subject you’re looking for? Start your own! We joined forces with a few colleagues to create the Women in Produce LinkedIn group in 2013 with great results. Be a pioneer and start a group for your own professional discussions!

From the document’s specific comments on groups:

Fresh Produce Industry Discussion

Want to know what you should expect from a great professional group? The Fresh Produce Industry Discussion group is a perfect example. Created by Tom Karst of Vance Publishing, this group recently hit a milestone  of over 10,000 members. Content is consistently presented for discussion and members are active in the comment section sharing and discussing their opinions. This is exactly the sort of engagement you want to look for in the groups you join.


Thanks DMA,  Dan’l and team,  for the kind words about the Fresh Produce Group -  and kudos on another well-done social media how-to.



 With interest in the implications of the drought escalating, the USDA Economic Research Service has announced it has created a new web address for information about the drought. Check out the website here.

 From USDA ERS public affairs:

California Drought 2014: Farm and Food Impacts is a series of webpages developed by USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS) to inform the media and the public about the California drought and available related ERS research and data. The ongoing drought in California—following several prior years of drought—is likely to have a major impact on the State’s agricultural production in 2014. Because California is a major U.S. producer of fruits, vegetables, tree nuts, and milk, the drought has implications for U.S. food prices.


TK: Not much forward looking data yet on this site yet, but stay tuned.