National Editor Tom Karst
National Editor Tom Karst

Checking in for a quick Fresh Talk update on Sunday night...

Still no sign of the proposed food safety rules from the FDA. In fact, it seems folks have stopped expecting them all together. Perhaps we will be surprised...

One interesting item I found in the latest Federal Register is an FDA final rule that gives approval to laser sketching of citrus fruit. From the summary:

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is amending the food additive regulations to provide for the safe use of a carbon dioxide laser for etching information on the surface of fresh, intact citrus fruit. This action is in response to a petition filed by Durand-Wayland, Inc.

So it will be interesting to see if "laser sketching" of PLU labels and other markings will replace the familiar adhesive sticker we all have grown so fond of.

The great thing about America is that you can have your say. On the Federal Register I found this comment tonight about greenhouse gas regulation:

I'm 88 living alone in a studio apartment in Honolulu. The bus service is amazing so my "carbon print" is small. Recycling here three days a week. Need to get rid of plastic bags. I have an adequate canvass bag that holds light weight items in my backpack. God's world out here is beautiful with flowers, fruit, ducks, water lanes and palms. No kid likes to be "told what to do". Media screams "no more regulations". I am lucky to be a grown up and try to act like one not only for my benefit but for all that are younger. Clean air, clean water are musts. REGULATE CAREFULLY. ENFORCE RESPONSIBLY. If health = wealth what are you and I worth?

TK: I hope when I'm 88, I "care enough" to send the Feds a note when the spirit strikes.


One developing issue this week could be an attempt by some in the House of Representatives to introduce an amendment to the agriculture appropriations bill that would seek to preclude the WIC ban on fresh white potatoes for the fruit and vegetable voucher program. We'll keep our ears open on this hot topic....

Fruit exporters are concerned that Indonesia is creating barriers to trade that might hurt access to that important market and lawmakers have asked the USTR to step up work on the issue.

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