Now is the time for foodies and food writers to put their own stamp on what is a well-practiced look-ahead often titled "top food trends of 2012." If it was my list, the food trends could swing between "crunchy" and "creamy"  peanut butter and "red delicious" versus "gala" apples. To give the reader a little more imagination than that, I've assembled food trends for 2012 penned by foodies with considerably more sophistication.

Here is coverage from the blog from the James Beard Foundation:

The list of 2012 trends: Locavorism, RedefinedDoughnut World TourThai RevivalNew Nordic PantryCanelés: The New New CupcakesEat-in Kitchen, ReinventedBloody Good Food;  Diminishing Portion Sizes.

From Food Channel

Top trends: 1.  Black Market Foods;  2: Inconspicuous Consumption; 3.  Social Media; 4.  Shopping Schizophrenia; 5.  Beyond Ramen Noodles; 6.  So THAT’s What it Tastes Like! ;  
7.  The New Agri-Chef; 8.  Groovin’ On Peruvian.9.  Social Cooking; 10. The Rise of the YouTube Chef.


Top 10 trends   1. Regional producers get a boost; 2. Uplifting food and drink to improve our moods ;    3. Packaging innovations to provide the answer;    4. Learning to grow your own, bake your own, make your own;    5. Foraging for truffles, mushrooms, wild berries and edible mini-​beasts;    6. Going beyond the dinner party: at-​home dining occasions become more regular ;    7. Dusting off the recipe books and cooking from scratch; 8. Food on-​the-​go gets a facelift; 9.  Megatrends; and   10. Original food and drink pairing: inspiration for the nation

From Epicurious

Front Burner: The Return of Hotel Dining
Back Burner: Pop-Up Restaurants

Front Burner: Fin-to-Tail Eating
Back Burner: Lobster Rolls

Front Burner: Singapore
Back Burner: Brooklyn

Front Burner: "Moonshine"
Back Burner: Celebrity Vodkas

Front Burner: Happy Diet
 Back Burner: Wheat Belly

Front Burner: High-End Indian
Back Burner: High-End Korean

Front Burner: Fennel Pollen
Back Burner: Edible Dirt

Front Burner: Homemade Dairy
Back Burner: Pig Roasts

Front Burner: Fried Sweet Dough
Back Burner: Mini Desserts

Front Burner: Cheesemaker
Back Burner: Mixologist

More food trends!  TechnomicAndrew Freeman & Co. National Restaurant Association, Phil Lempert, Huffington Post and Mintel.

TK: I'm calling the number one food trend of 2012: creamy pb all the way...

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