National Editor Tom Karst
National Editor Tom Karst

Whose 21st century is it, anyway?

Is it a century of "sex sells, so get used to it" or  is it a new era where "it is time to get rid of booth babes" since 40% in the industry are females and are alienated by barely clad models on the expo floor.

That tension comes to mind when I read the nearly 60 comments in the Fresh Produce Industry Discussion Group's grappling with the issue of scantily clad "booth babes" at produce shows.

Still hearing nothing but crickets in the social media forum from PMA and United staff on the issue, which is kind of disappointing to me.

If not a "booth babe" ban, then what?  Check out what Dan'l Mackey Almy said about that, because I think she nailed it.



Check out the USDA's new report on Mexican avocados.

Also find my opinion piece, Drop the drugs, keep the grapefruit

Here is a tease:

"Drop the drugs. Keep the grapefruit.”

I love that reader comment after a Toronto Globe and Mail story about another warning about the interaction of grapefruits with modern medicine. By the way, haven’t we heard this song before?

Grapefruit has been taking public relation hits from researchers since 1989 on the effects of the fruit and its juices on prescription meds.


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