First of all, I have a quibble with the term “smart phone.”

True, my Blackberry, worn out and beaten up as it is, is bright enough. It magically receives e-mails, and for that accomplishment alone I will forever thanks its maker. Oh yes, I have a few “apps” - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, ESPN, my bank and a few more.

But it is more stubborn than smart. The most fickle part of several-year old phone is its “track ball.” The ball has no sense of direction. For a time, all it will do is go up, no matter how firmly one tries to spin it down. Other times the ball will only respond by going down, making it impossible to select an email to read or a contact to text. So close, but so far away...

Go to Google and type in “Blackberry track ball not working” and you will find a thousand complaints like this one I just pulled from the web: “I’ve had this blackberry for a few months and love it, until now. the scroll ball will not scroll down.” Same song, repeat verse a million times.

Of course, Blackberry now offers a version without a trackball but a facsimile of one that is apparently more trouble-proof. Well, la-de-da for the new, $500 version of the Blackberry. Meanwhile, I will continue battling that demon track ball.

My phone is aggravating. But I hear more and more fresh produce companies are creating Quick Response codes to put on fresh produce packaging to appeal to folks with a more relaxed relationship with their “smart phones.”

I asked Fresh Talk contributor and Gen X Mom Sarah Krause to explore this issue and she said that none of her young mom friends are using the “QR reader” quite yet. Sarah wrote me yesterday: “Not faring too well with the “mom app” angle because no one I’ve talked w/uses apps for anything produce related. haven’t even seen the QR icon in the produce aisle myself. Several moms use apps for food-related things, but not produce specific.”

I’ve also opened the question to members of the Fresh Produce Industry Discussion Group.

 I asked: “Who in this group has a smart phone app for reading QR codes - or any other app relating to food...”

So far the discussion thread has nine comments and I’m learning a lot.  Someday, I too, may have a "smart phone" that I can trust at the grocery store.

Be sure to take time to check out the convo and join the group if you haven’t already. We have close to 2,400 members of the LinkedIn group, and its swarm intelligence is breathtaking.