National Editor Tom Karst
National Editor Tom Karst

We are at the cusp of 300 million freshly-minted New Year's resolutions. Americans everywhere are pinching their gut, pushing the cookie plate away and vowing to get in shape, lose weight, etc.

Being a regular at a local health club, I know the months of January and February bring dozens of new members, all vying to use the treadmill at morning, noon and night.

This burst of enthusiasm won't last until April for most of them.

On the other hand, there are perhaps 20 health club regulars who arrive at the facility at the strike of 5 a.m. every day. They are remarkably consistent in their routine, their habit of health, their unbendable will to exercise.

Perhaps some of those were once bloated and flabby folks who made good on their  New Year's resolution and haven't looked back.

So my question to the 5,800 member Fresh Produce Industry Discussion Group was this: What should be the New Year's resolution for 2013?

No more booth babes, no more tomato war, no more merger talks between United and PMA... the possibilities are endless.

And like the other 300 million people in the U.S., we  should resolve to shun sugar cookies, vow to embrace fresh produce and set the alarm clock for the 5 a.m. appointment with the treadmill.


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