Mia Lyn Rognstad -- whoever you are -- many fresh produce growers/shippers would like to shake your hand.

At least they will after reading  your comment about the FDA's notice on the "Burden of FDA Food Safety Modernization Act Fee Amounts on Small Business."

Here is Mia's message to the FDA:

To Whom It May Concern, Please teach the consumer, as well as the producers, to be responsible for the cleanliness and health of food. Consumers can greatly decrease the chances of food borne illness by washing their foods with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and water; 1:5 respectively. Consumers are creating the problems of food borne illness through their own ignorance.

The outbreaks and the methods the FDA is undertaking to constrain the problem puts undo and unreasonable difficulty upon business and government. This is too costly. Consumers must take responsibility for their health and the cleanliness of their food. As a chef, I know the challenge of cross-contamination regarding food. To believe that a producer can deliver a fruit or vegetable from farm to table with no harmful bacteria and no consideration on the part of the consumer to clean the food at the consumption point is not practical. This issue is an important economic "cog" in our deflating economy. Please shift this concern to the consumer.

TK: Of course, the FDA won't stop in their regulatory tracks after reading Mia's comment. They will plow ahead with hundreds of pages of regulations for growers and the supply chain. Yet her comment and others should serve as a reminder to the agency that each American consumer can take steps to enhance produce safety to back up good faith efforts by growers.

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