Tom Karst
Tom Karst

Opal apples. Feel the passion.

One must certainly admit that the Opal apple has a following. Readership stats and comments on the Opal apple on The Packer's web site point clearly to that fact. 

The Opal apple has, at last count 2,498 fans on Facebook. One fan, "Bill" said:

Will these be appearing in Seattle Safeways? I took an hour-long bus ride to Shoreline today to stock up on Opals at Top Food and Drug, haha. Would be nice to have a more local option. Whole Foods? Trader Joe's, maybe? Hmm!

Is there a way to objectively judge the "buzz" of club, or niche varieties? Are Facebook "likes" the utlimate scorecard? 

Honeycrisp is numero uno, one would assume.

Yet there are a myriad of other niche apple varieties that are emerging in the hearts and minds of consumers. One relative veteran is the Pink Lady (5,693 Facebook likes). This story says that promoters of Pink Lady plan to make that apple North Americas "most recognized fruit brand."

Not if Bill has anything to say about it . . .

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