Just checking the inbox this morning after a three day trip to Wisconsin over the weekend.

As I sort through the interesting collection of news from late last week (the USDA struck quickly to take away the preferential treatment under PACA for Canadian exporters!), I noticed a note from the always-sunny Bob Corey, chief executive officer of Corey Brothers Inc., Charleston, W.V.. Bob let me know of new updated yet classic episodes of his “Produce Corner with Bob Corey” series.

From a note from Bob:

Please re-visit producecornerwithbobcorey.com and check out the episode additions, tons of recipes, and revisions on each segment to feature the More Matters logo prominently on each one. By doing so, the pieces span the history of the industry’s efforts to consume more fresh fruits and vegetables. At this time I see this website being a superior training and education tool for produce managers and staff who may not have the user knowledge to convey to their customers information about an item or how to fix and/or prepare an item. Once completed ( adding the Winter and Spring segments ), folks will be able to work thru the entire produce year with helpful hints , ideas, and recipes throughout the seasons change and the year. Hope you like.

TK: Bob’s segments are fun to watch and the website hosting the videos is nicely designed and appealing. As Bob says, the site can serve a very helpful training and education purpose for store employees as well as a format that connects with consumers.

From the “about” section of “Produce Corner with Bob Corey,” a summary of his work on behalf of the industry:

You might say that produce runs through Bob Corey’s veins. After all, the Corey’s have been involved in produce for centuries. First, in Lebanon, where the family grew and sold grapes, pomegranates and figs for hundreds of years. And, most recently in America, where they’ve marketed fruits and vegetables since 1895, in West Virginia and beyond.

Born in Charleston, West Virginia in 1947, Corey began working at the family produce stand at age five, sweeping floors, arranging displays and counting change. From then on he spent many of his after school hours helping his father and two brothers as the business expanded.

After graduating from the University of Tennessee in 1970 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, he served in various sales management capacities with Carnation Company, but still stayed involved in the family business.

By 1978, the needs of the family operation drew him home where, along with his brothers, they expanded Corey Brothers, Inc., from a local service produce operation to the five-state distribution center it is today.

Corey’s TV career spanned 23 years, when he was asked to do a local news insert on produce for the ABC affiliate in Charleston in 1982. Since then and more than 3,000 segments later, “The Best of The Produce Corner” is now available for you to enjoy on YouTube and this site!

The Produce Corner with Bob Corey was nationally syndicated and the first pure produce vignette to air on Food Network from 1996-1999, introducing the produce industry to food TV.

With his down-to-earth approach and natural enthusiasm, Corey entertained viewers with information and ideas about familiar fruits and vegetables and was at the forefront in introducing new items coming to market. Sharing a wealth of tips, techniques and inventive recipes accumulated over his many years in the business, while emphasizing good nutrition, Bob Corey was and still is instrumental in delivering the good news about produce to hungry Americans.


TK: First, check out the Produce Corner with Bob Corey. After that, if you are anything like me, you may be taking an apple personality quiz.

Another  item from the inbox caught my attention this morning. With a title like “Appletize me,” how could I resist?

The propensity of folks to take quizzes and broadcast their results on Facebook is well known and now U.S. Apple has created a quiz to accommodate the impulse to answer the question “What apple variety are you?” . Check out the description below from U.S. Apple:


October is National Apple Month – peak harvest season for apples. But with 2,500 varieties grown in the U.S., how can you know which is most ideal for you? U.S. Apple Association today is launching a quiz aimed at matching your personality with your ideal apple variety. Are you an Intellectual? Your ideal apple is a Cortland. Social butterfly? Gala apples are best for you. We hope you’ll enjoy taking the “AppletizeMe” quiz to find your top apple variety – and perfect food pairing -- and consider sharing with your audience.

What Apple Variety Are You?

Are you a trendsetter? Cool, your apple is Honeycrisp. Fitness Fanatic? You should get even healthier with Fuji apples. Or, are you a Type A Planner? The Golden Delicious apple must be at the top of your list.

Launching for National Apple Month (Oct.), U.S. Apple Association’s (USApple) AppletizeMe.com quiz is helping people discover their true personalities while matching them with their ideal apple varieties, perfect food pairings, recipe ideas, and more.

Individuals who visit www.AppletizeMe.com will find an engaging, nine-step quiz that peels back the many layers of our psyches with questions such as: “What’s your dream job?,” “How do you like to spend your evenings?,” “What’s the first thing you do every morning?,” and – perhaps most probing – “What’s your spirit animal?”

After responding, individuals are matched to one of 18 personalities, such as Introvert, Intellectual, Hipster, Girly Girl and Manly Man. And, each personality reveals his/her ideal apple variety, which among the 18 include McIntosh (for the Geek Chic), Cortland (for Charmers), and Gala (for Social Butterflies) – all brought to life with fun graphics and short videos with health, storage, and usage tips.

“We developed AppletizeMe as a health and nutrition initiative to inspire consumers to learn more about apple varieties, apple pairing and apples’ many health benefits in a fun, engaging and social environment,” said Wendy Brannen, USApple’s Director of Consumer Health and Public Relations.

The AppletizeMe.com personality quiz not only gets to the core of a person’s personality and choice variety, but also recommends which foods pair best with their apples.

“We’re just beginning what looks to be a very promising, bountiful harvest season,” Brannen explained. “With the big crop, it’s a perfect time to explore new apple varieties beyond the two or three most of us get into the habit of regularly eating. AppletizeMe is a great way to inspire people to try new varieties – all the while mixing it up with some delicious inspiration for pairings.”

The AppletizeMe.com website also is packed with helpful product information and research about apples’ health benefits, as well as surprising details and simple preparation tips on select apple varieties.

Individuals who share their apple personalities on social networks through Nov. 20, 2014 can enter for weekly drawings to win Apple® Gift Cards, valued up to $400. See official rules.

USApple’s AppletizeMe partners are: T. Marzetti Company, California Walnut Commission, Johnsonville Sausage and Roth Cheese.


TK: I’m a Braeburn, the quiz says; firm and spicy. You heard it here first.