National Editor Tom Karst
National Editor Tom Karst

The Obama Administration continues to blunder when it comes to the issue of sequestration.

While President Obama invoked fears that sequestration would hamstring the economy, the stock market has proceeded to set records and the joblessness rate has declined.

Originally threatening that 2,100 inspections would be cut because of the forced budget reductions in fiscal year 2013, the Food and Drug Administration has said that food safety inspections will no longer eliminated as a cost-saving step.

In USA Today coverage,an FDA spokeswoman said the agency will not reduce food inspections because of budget cuts. The FDA decreased travel and training expenses to avoid cuts to inspections, officials said.

In a piece published May 2 in the Washington Post, Charles Krauthammer reviewed President Obama’s overreaching on gun control and overstating the impact of sequestration.

Now, Democrats working on immigration reform reportedly want Obama to let them do the heavy lifting and not wreck the momentum, such as it is, of bipartisan negotiations.

With public unrest heating up over Obamacare and little trust in the veracity of doom and gloom predictions about sequestration, President Obama would be well-advised to not inject himself too forcefully in the immigration debate.