National Editor Tom Karst
National Editor Tom Karst

The Packer has unveiled its new social media site, The Packer Market.

Like any new site, it is just beginning to take form and personality. I intend to add regular blog posts on The Packer Market as it goes forward and I hope you will take time to check them out.

I'm starting a series of posts on The Packer Market on valuable web browser bookmarks. You may think a topic like that as quite dry, but I assure you that bookmarks turbocharge the web experience and quicken the pulse for journalists like myself.

It is impossible enough to imagine life without my Firefox bookmarks, not to mention the web itself. It is easy to leap from one part of the web to another. From Drudge to fresh produce and back again.

So check out my first two blog posts on The Packer Market. One blog post is about the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service site, a destination that opens up a world of agricultural intelligence from all over the world.

The second blog post on The Packer Market focuses on a web site that can search any IRS 990 tax form for any nonprofit association in the U.S.  This type of information is freely accessible on the Web to one and all, but most wouldn't know where to look to get the information. This bookmark and others will be invaluable to readers. So stay tuned and join The Packer Market

It will be fun to see The Packer's new "social" site grow. The same week The Packer Market launched, the LinkedIn Fresh Produce Industry Discussion Group , founded by me in 2008, surged over 6,000 members. Find nine comments on this discussion of item level traceability.