One of the great aspects of twitter is the ability for real-time conversations. I say “conversations” in the loosest possible sense because often these conversations are isolated individual micro-bursts of frustration, elation or some other shade of passion about a particular person, event, team or show.

 I found myself using the hashtag #Royals last night on my @tckarst Twitter account, largely expressing scathing indictments of the Royals ineptitude on offense. But there are social media folks have created a meaningful legacy of true conversation on Twitter. In the field of agriculture, I think especially of the folks who have organized the weekly social media conversation called Agchat. Check out info about the group’s Twitter account here

Today at 11 a.m Central., I hope to have a modest Twitter conversation about the Sesame Street/PMA promotion. Just want to hear what the industry feels about its potential so far. All are welcome to participate.

 Go to The Packer Market  and also to Twitter at #sesame to participate.