Straight up: should the United Fresh Produce Association and the Produce Marketing Association merge? Discussions have been ongoing to explore that option, and the boards of two groups are expected to take up consideration of the proposal in the not-too-distant future.

 In advance of those formal deliberations, I've set up a month-long  LinkedIn poll where industry members can weigh in on the question. So far the results are 8 in favor and 3 opposed. This is a great opportunity to get a "pulse of the people" and of course you can reveal your vote and your reasoning for it in the "comment" area of the poll.

In other news this morning, the British Retail Consortium has absolved food ads from significantly contributing to food waste. From the report:

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is highlighting research conducted by waste reduction body WRAP which found that, while just under half of shoppers (44 per cent) think buying food on offer leads to a greater amount being thrown away, one in 25 (4 per cent) actually wasted food bought as part of a promotion during the survey period.

The survey also showed the most common type of promotion is a straight price reduction. "Buy one get one free" (BOGOF) offers account for less than two per cent of all products bought.

The BRC says the debate about food waste should focus on helping households to reduce the amount they throw away rather than blaming retail practices. The report builds on recent figures published by WRAP showing a 13 per cent decrease in household food waste over the past three years.

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Should the United Fresh Produce Association and the Produce Marketing Association merge?

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