National Editor Tom Karst
National Editor Tom Karst

Sometimes the best proponents of fresh are consumers. In this Washington Post “On Parenting” column titled “Why Fresh is better than frozen” author and mom Casey Seidenberg said her kids recently asked her why she doesn’t buy frozen meals.

“My boys asked a fair question, and one I am guessing most parents have asked themselves when they feel frazzled getting dinner on the table,” she said in her column.

Seidenberg goes on to give several reasons for her support of fresh, including references to nutrients (“freezing has been shown to decrease the nutrient value of a meal”), hydration (“fresh fruits and vegetables have a higher water content and therefore offer natural hydration”), enzymes (“it is believed freezing lowers enzyme activity”).

Even though we must all bow to the government-approved and PBH-endorsed mantra that "all forms count," sometimes the fresh produce industry needs to hear the message “fresh is best.”

It is all the more validation when it comes from consumers.