Back in Kansas City this week, and rolling through highlights from around the Web this morning.

There is coverage in the Food Poisoning Bulletin that interviews a CDC official who discusses the twists and turns of the cyclospora investigation, leaving the reader with the distinct impression that much remains unknown about the source of the outbreak, particularly in Texas.

One discussion of traceability on the LinkedIn Fresh Produce Industry Discussion Group was started with a very provocative question:

Why is the food industry fighting traceability so hard?


Check out the responses and see if you concur with the premise made by one member: retailers are part of the problem, and not part of the solution. One member writes:


If Retailers and Foods Service Restaurants would be mandated to notify consumers in cases where they consumed or bought potentially hazardous Foods, the economics would change quickly. Right now, they only interest that Retailers have is, to get potentially harmful product of the shelves to commence with business as usual.