Will the plate finally take its place as America’s “food icon”?

No one is saying yet, but there have been rumors circulating that the plate concept may indeed be the choice to replace the insufferable food pyramid.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has sent the press notice of the event to unveil the new icon, and the curtain will be raised in the Jefferson Auditorium in the USDA South Building on Thursday morning, June 2.

The press notice said that the new icon “will serve as a reminder to help consumers make healthier food choices.”

Hmm... What could serve as a reminder to the average guy or gal? A PLATE, perhaps? Showing that instead of eating half a plate of chicken fried steak and fried pork rinds, they should go for a half a plate of fruits and vegetables.

I understand from a conversation with one highly placed source that the USDA has already informed some key leaders what the icon will be.  But it is unlikely any will go on the record and spill the beans before the USDA’s Thursday event.

Here is more from the press notice. See if you can you put your powers of deduction to work on it:

From the press notice:


The 2010 White House Child Obesity Task Force called for simple, actionable advice to equip consumers with information to help them make healthy food choices. As a result, USDA will be introducing the new food icon to replace the MyPyramid image as the government’s primary food group symbol.


TK: “Actionable” is another word that seems to cry out “plate.” Half your plate should be fruits and vegetables – BOOM! That’s actionable, friends.


It will be an easy-to-understand visual cue to help consumers adopt healthy eating habits consistent with the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.  MyPyramid will remain available to interested health professionals and nutrition educators in a special section of the new website.


TK:  Again, I may be all wet but I can’t help thinking “easy-to-understand visual cue” is almost spelling p-l-a-t-e. What else is visual, when it comes to eating? A plate is a constant companion when we eat, at least most of the time. I’m excited with the potential of this new food icon. I hope it is a plate. I think that is what America needs.