Produce for Better Health Foundation has started a new blog called “The Fruit & Vegetable Blog: Stem and Stalk….Let’s Talk,” forever to be known at least in my shorthand as “Stem & Stalk.”

The blog is aimed squarely at Gen X moms, and thus not much like the handful of industry-oriented blogs that include Fresh Talk, PMA’s Field to Fork and the less frequently updated Perishable Pundit.

PBH’s own Sharese Alston is the blog author, and a PBH news release describes the mission of the blog: “Sharese will share her trials, tribulations, and successes surrounding healthy food choices for her family.”

Although Twitter seems to eclipse blogging in the social media landscape, I think the PBH Web site is a natural fit for a “mommy blog.” 

Find the blog at this address:

Here is a little bio from the blog about Sharese:

Sharese is a 28-year-old working single mom who cherishes her 3-year-old daughter, Spring. She only wants her to be safe, happy and healthy, just as every parent does.  Introducing fruits and vegetables in her early days was easy, and Sharese happily stepped up to the challenge.  She understands how important it is for her daughter to eat well and feel healthy! Lately, feeding her daughter fruits and vegetables has become a chore worth getting paid for, as 3-year-olds nowadays truly have minds of their own!

As a child, Sharese’s favorite foods were french fries and mayo sandwiches amongst other heart-deadly dishes.  Her parents never told her (or never knew) what was healthy to eat or what the benefits were to eating healthy foods.  It was actually a tradition to eat all of the wrong foods, especially fried, pork-seasoned ones.  Now that she is a mother, she pledged to never let her daughter learn those health-threatening lessons.  Part of that pledge involves her leading by example and instilling healthy habits in both of their lives.  Much easier said than done!  Stem and Stalk … Let’s Talk is her venue for venting the trials, tribulations and successes of a working mom trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle for her family.  Tune in to relate and contemplate her daily “inspirations” for a mother on the move.

TK: And Sharese does vent: This from a Sept. 4 post:

The more I think about it, the more frustrated I get.  Everywhere I turn some commercial, billboard or coupon flyer in my mailbox is trying to get me to eat things that are obviously BAD for me.  Most have no nutritional valu e at all!!  So, maybe the word, plague, is a little off base.  For some reason, conspiracy, comes to mind.  I mean why is it that salt, sugar and fat are the cheapest and most-accessible foods around?  Why can I get  2 all beef patties, 2 slices of real cheese, a warm fluffy bun with freshly diced onion, ketchup and mustard for a $1 and a small bowl of iceberg lettuce, three shreds of carrots, 2 cherry tomatoes and a 2 tablespoon pack of dressing costs $6?

TK: Many of Sharese’s posts receive multiple comments from readers, which is nothing but good for the interactive feel of  PBH Web site. I look forward to ringing up Sharese and talking to her about the blog. If she is time, I’d love to schedule a “chat” with her.

By the way, how is the PBH Web site sustaining Web traffic? The Web site estimates that the PBH site had  31,646 unique visitors in July, up about 20% from a year ago.