Food safety attorney Bill Marler has created another level to his omnipresence. Check out this Web site called The site seems to be well-staffed – I met one reporter at the United Fresh WPPC event. I’m not sure what the revenue model is…perhaps this is what Bill will do after a perfected food production system “puts him out of business.”

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The efficacy of rinsing fruits and vegetables – To use rinse water only or water and soap is the question…

Wal-Mart changing stores to appeal to customers – Coverage from Oklahoma on Wal-Mart’s remodeling project for Neighborhood Markets, including more graphic signage in produce departments...

Grocery aisle relief – Coverage from Florida on deflation at grocery stores

Red flags and alarm bells about our lifestyle – Coverage from Ontario that says only 1 in 8 kids eats recommended levels of f/v

USDA FAS report: Costa Rica plans to forgive debt on agricultural loans of small producers:

TK: But there is some dissent. The report says "the plan has been questioned since it was discovered that a number of large producers were included among the small farmers."    Oh, to be a small farmer. I’m afraid the ultimate goal of all producers, given the “halo” that local food has and the anticipated weightier regulatory burden for larger commercial growers, is to somehow fit in the “small farmer” category. This also appears to be the case in Costa Rica.

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