The Chilean grape outlook for 2011 is detailed in this annual report on Chilean deciduous fruit production. Here is the link to the USDA FAS report.

From the report:

Although the weather has been behaving erratically during the last few weeks and predictions call for a colder than usual spring weather and rain during the summer months, table grape production is expected to increase almost 6 percent when compared to the previous season when output fell significantly also due to adverse weather conditions observed during the spring of 2009 (Sep-Nov 2009).

Sufficient cold hours accumulated during last winter (Jun-Aug 2010) will assure an increase in production and harvest in the coming season. Chile produces over 36 varieties of table grapes for export. Thompson Seedless and Flame Seedless account for the bulk of production.

Varieties like Red Globe, Superior Seedless, Crimson and Autumn Royal have increased significantly in the last few years, as most of the replanting has been with these varieties. Table Grapes are planted from Region III (Copiapo) to Region VII (Curico-Talca). Crop Area Industry sources agree that new additional plantings are not likely for the next few years as economic returns have been affected by increasing costs and falling prices for table grapes. Additionally, the revaluation of the Chilean peso against the dollar has not being helping the fresh fruit export industry in general, as their cost are in pesos and the income is in dollars.