One of my pet peeves at the health club where I work out (occasionally, but with vigor) are the guys in the locker room – skewing more young than old, I’d guess – who leave their towels strewn about the place when they have finished showering.  They leave towels limping laying by their lockers; they leave them wadded up on the floor, slung over the shower stall, etc.
Now here is a point of comparison to the online reader of The Packer, though it is an analogy stretched quite thin. One of the goals of our new redesigned Web site, from my simple understanding of it, is to capture your feedback about the stories you read. We don’t want you to come, open a couple of Web pages and leave them as used up electrons.
Yes, the idea is that we will better target our information delivery if we have more feedback from you. We are asking you to rate every story – just as the health club has a tacit expectation that you return the towel to the gray plastic bin.  You would be surprised how important your feedback truly is to the organization.
Don’t be “that guy” who leaves the towel on the floor – or exits an online story without giving The Packer’s writers and editors valuable feedback.